The Best Gaming Chairs in 2021

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As it turns out, our readers have a lot of thoughts on gaming chairs. Earlier this week, we asked you to tell us what the best gaming chairs were and there was no shortage of responses. Readers brought their A-game with a diverse list of options that highlighted how important certain features are to gamers. Just as interesting were the amount of people who were skeptical of gaming chairs altogether, urging others to just get a normal office chair.

The best gaming chair is not a “gaming chair”. It’s any good ergonomic office chair that’s rated for decent weight capacity and 24/7 use, and has good lumbar support. As a bigger guy, I’ve done way more research on this than just about any other purchase, and the unfortunate reality is that this is one of those products where quality does in fact come with the price. – wohdin

While some readers echoed the sentiment, price is indeed the sticking point there. Many of the ergonomic office chairs posted as a counterpoint to gaming chairs went for upwards of $500, which is steep for younger players or people looking for something a little more casual for gaming. Granted, some of the higher-end gaming chairs suggested reached those heights as well, so it’s hard to avoid paying a couple hundred dollars for a comfortable desk companion.

Since we asked for the best, we’re rounding up some of the top picks here (the Secretlab Titan series was a running theme, as you’ll see) and including some popular ergonomic picks for good measure. These might not be the cheapest options on the market, but when it comes to chairs, you have to consider your health. Whatever you pick will have a serious impact on your back, so shelling out a little more to keep your posture straight is worth the money, assuming you have the budget for it.

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It’s an obvious one, but after having my Titan for 8 months, I don’t have any qualms recommending it. I sit in it all day for 9-5 work and for a lot of evenings of gaming afterwards. It’s comfortable, feels solid and has done my back a lot of good compared to the generic desk chair I had previously. Went for a high-backed chair so my neck gets supported better, and the supplied pillow is fine. If you’re weighing up between the Titan and the Omega, my personal opinion is that unless you’re a small person, the extra seat size and the built-in lumbar support is the better choice. The cushion that the Omega comes with for your back was underwhelming when I tested a friend’s.

It doesn’t have cup holders (good) but it reclines to almost flat if you want it to and has a decent level of customizability. Went for the fabric covering here so can’t comment on whether the leather version is good, but it’s not showing any visible wear and tear. Cool climate here so I’m not sweating into it all day, but it was still comfortable through the [30-degree C (70 degrees F)] summer days. – alexm

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I’m loving my Secretlab Titan XL. I like to sit cross legged with my legs on the chair, and it has all the room I could ask for. It’s a bit more of a firmer chair, but it stops me from slouching and the lumbar support is a nice touch as well. It’s a pricey chair, and definitely not for everyone, but it would be my first pick. – Agent Spencer

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I spent 9 months decrying my cheap dining chair from Ikea, so excuse me while I lionize the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody once again. Long before I wandered over to its posh Hudson Yards brick-and-mortar store, I’d set my sights on the company’s one and only gaming chair, which is almost exactly the same as its standard Embody office chair, albeit with a touch of Logitech-branded flair to appease *shudders* corporate loyalists. I won’t get too in-the-weeds here since I already reviewed the thing, but for those of our readers who find 800 words overwhelming, here’s the TL;DR.

The Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody gaming chair is not really a gaming chair at all. For one, there’s no headrest because, as a rep at the store explained, headrests actually detract more from ergonomics than they add. Instead, the Embody features a sophisticated backrest that draws inspiration from the human back. Take a look at the back and you’ll see what I mean. Not only does it have its own spine, offering bespoke lumbar support for anyone sitting in it, but it’s also got an adjustable rib cage. This is the first gaming chair I’ve used that I fear will one day become sentient, and that’s a good thing, because I’m very lonely. As an added bonus, it also doesn’t look like a racecar bed gave birth to a chair (looking at you, Secretlab).

If you’re on the fence about whether you should buy the Embody or its gaming-branded counterpart, get whichever one is cheaper. I’m irony poisoned, so when asked which chair I wanted to cover for The Inventory, I had to pick the “baby chair for adults.” Otherwise, well, I would’ve gotten mine secondhand. And since the Logitech Embody chair hasn’t been out that long, that means I’d have likely settled for the plain black. On the other hand, if you’re buying new, the Logitech version is $100 cheaper for some reason, even at the base configuration, at $1,495 versus $1,595. Unless you’re off-put by the harsh blue paint job on the back, anyone buying from Herman Miller directly shouldn’t think twice about picking up the Logitech G Embody, assuming either model suits your needs. The only material difference between the two is an extra layer of foam in the seat, one point in favor of Logitech. – Gabe Carey

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While this isn’t a proper gaming chair by marketing terms, we’re including this office chair because it was far and beyond the most popular response out there. Here’s a breakdown from one of our readers about why a good office chair is exactly what you want when it comes to a gaming chair.

The Herman Miller Aeron. A good gaming chair needs to be a good chair. I’ve had several reasonably priced chairs, and they were all “fine” for daily use. I even ordered an Autonomous chair (and returned it). It wasn’t better than my “fine” ikea chair that became tiresome after 6 hours. The Aeron has met all expectations lavished on them – it’s exceptionally well built, highly adjustable, and stays comfortable for 12+ hours. ~ dolsh

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