Stock up on Masks for the Whole Family for up To 76% Off

50-Pack: Colored 3-Ply Masks | $12 | MorningSave
60-Pack: KN95 5-Layer Masks | $29 | SideDeal

We all know the coronavirus is still very much a threat. I’ve definitely gotten obnoxious comments trying to argue with me about that on past deals— and I’ll just stop you right now: Please don’t waste your time, because I don’t care enough to even respond. What I do care about? Staying stocked up on face masks in the deadliest part of this awful pandemic.

You can get a 50-pack of brightly-colored 3-ply masks for just $12 over at MorningSave right now. Pick from pink, purple, teal, orange, red, or yellow and mask up in your favorite shade!

If you prefer some KN-95 protection, SideDeal has a 60-pack of individually wrapped 5-layer masks for just $29. The nice thing about these KN-95 masks being wrapped separately is that you can stash some in your glovebox, your bag, drawers, etc. without them getting dirty before use!

Shipping is covered under a SideDeal and MorningSave monthly membership for $5, or a one-time shipping fee of $8. For $5, you get free shipping on all items for the month at not only SideDeal and MorningSave, but also Meh, Mediocritee, and Casemates.

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