Rejected Names for Space Force Members Revealed

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The Biden administration is doing what it can to rapidly reverse the policies of Donald Trump and contain the coronavirus pandemic. That’s left little room for the White House to think about the future of Space Force—one of Trump’s favorite bragging points. But we have fresh intel on the creation of the military division tasked with fighting in the void of space. Specifically, we now have a list of the 400 names that were considered for referring to Space Force’s soldiers.

Arguably, Space Force didn’t get a fair shake in Trump’s term. Some people believe it’s a smart idea, even some of my colleagues at Gizmodo. But the suggestion of a space army coupled with the absurdity of every utterance that came out of Trump’s mouth made the project an instant punchline on par with the former president’s attempt to buy Greenland. When VP Mike Pence announced last year that Space Force personnel would be known as “Guardians,” the jokes continued. (The “joke” is that they’re The Guardians of the Galaxy like in the movie, I guess.)

Politico has obtained a list of names that military space personnel submitted for consideration in the quest to give Space Force its own equivalent of a “sailor” or “airman.” It turns out that the Guardians of the Galaxy thing was intentional, or at least one person suggested “Guardians of the Galaxy” as the name in full. Other scifi- and fantasy-related submissions included: Rocketeer, Starlord, Trekkies, Skywalker, The Final Fronteirsmen, Watchmen, and Wookies.

The award for the worst name goes to “Stormtrooper.” (Yikes.) And best name honors go to “Nothing Because You Wouldn’t Hear It In Space Anyway.” However, that’s an unrealistic thing to incorporate into daily usage, so I’ll say the chosen name should’ve been “Jetsons.” We should be calling these brave men and women the Space Force Jetsons.

You can see all the submissions listed here and let us know in the comments what your preference would’ve been if you had total power over the space army.

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