Instagram Testing Out Revamped Stories Design For Desktop

Instagram has been designed as a mobile app and as such, a lot of the features are more optimized for smartphones. While you can browse Instagram on your computer, its UI feels more like a larger version of the mobile app, which is less than ideal. However, Instagram is taking steps to change that.

In fact, it seems that Instagram has revamped the design of its Stories feature for the desktop, where it will now be more desktop-friendly. Instead of being displayed as a single tile, which is what we’re used to on mobile devices, Stories for the desktop will now be shown in a carousel format, where you can get previews of the next Story that you’re about to see.

It will make it easier for users to keep track of what they’re watching and users will also be able to manually click through them or allow them to play automatically. According to Engadget, an Instagram spokesperson confirmed that the company is testing out the feature with a small group of users, so if your Instagram Story is still the same as before, then you’re not part of the test group.

It is unclear if this will become a permanent feature, but given that this is a test, there is a chance that it could be cancelled or that the final version that will be made available to all will be different from what we’re seeing right now.

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