Hitman 3 is Out Tomorrow and You Can Get It for $50 If You Order Today

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Hitman 3 (PS4) | $50 | Amazon
Hitman 3 (Xbox) | $50 | Amazon

Tomorrow, the first big video game release of 2021 drops, and it’s an exciting one. Hitman 3 is coming to town and early reviews are thrilled. Critics are saying that it’s a perfect capper to the World of Assassination trilogy, which features some of the series’ best murder playgrounds yet. If that’s enough to convince you to pick up a copy, Amazon currently has the Xbox and PS4 version of the game on sale for $50 (the PS5 version is still full price). Considering that there’s currently some weirdness with the way content carries over on the PC version thanks to Epic Games Store exclusivity, console might be the way to go here. If you’d rather get a more elaborate edition of the game, make sure to check out our pre-order guide.

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