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Get These Completely Cursed, Buff Pokémon Statues for $30, Coward

Get These Completely Cursed, Buff Pokémon Statues for $30, Coward


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Bulbasaur Bodybuilding Statue | $30 | Amazon
Charmander Bodybuilding Statue | $30 | Amazon
Pikachu Bodybuilding Statue | $30 | Amazon
Squirtle Bodybuilding Statue | $28 | Amazon

Look, I know you all come here for good deals. You want to buy really practical stuff like games or tech or batteries for a good price. We’re happy to provide that to you. But sometimes we also want to absolutely curse you. Just put a hex upon your house and make you live in fear for an entire day. So when we came across this tweet by Twitter user Drumsy, we know we had a job to do.

What you’re looking at is a collection of 7″ figures that depict extremely jacked Pokémon. We’re just talking absolute meatheads here. Look at Charmander with his enormous pecs. Is that Squirtle doing the Randy Orton pose? Everything about this haunts me. Like It Follows, the only way to rid myself of this curse is to pass it onto you. So, dear readers, you can get these total beefcakes on sale at the moment for $30. Just apply the coupon code and you’ll see your savings at checkout. Please do not ask me any further questions about this.


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