Extended Season 10 First Look Is Here

Darryl still has plenty of problems when The Walking Dead returns.

Darryl still has plenty of problems when The Walking Dead returns.
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Glenn and Maggie’s child wants to know about the man who killed his father? Oh no. That can’t be good.

That revelation is just one moment in the short but jam-packed new trailer for the extended 10th season of The Walking Dead, which debuts on AMC February 28. The season initially ended back in October, but was then extended by six episodes due to covid-19. So that means six new episodes at the beginning of the year, and then a full new season starts later this year.

Before that though, there’s plenty of story to dive into, including the introduction of the Stormtrooper-looking soldiers from the Commonwealth, Robert Patrick’s new character, and the return of Maggie, which poses more than a few problems for her friends who let Negan back into their lives. Check out the trailer.

These episodes begin on February 28 but…there’s a twist. The new episodes will each premiere early on AMC’s new streaming service, AMC+. So, if you want to get the jump on spoilers by a few days, you can sign up for that. The episodes will debut there on the Thursday before the Sunday so, February 25 to begin.

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