Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Will Launch Early Spring

As some of you might have heard, Apple previously announced their plans to introduce a new app tracking transparency feature to its iOS platform. Now according to the company, they have revealed that these changes are expected to arrive early spring 2021 with no specific dates mentioned and in the next iOS update.

For those who are hearing about this feature for the first time, basically Apple will now require apps to prompt users if an app has an activity tracking feature. If it does, then users will be asked whether or not they want to allow the app to track them across various websites and services, thus giving users the option of opting out.

While apps and websites tracking users through features like cookies, the new prompt means that users who weren’t aware that their online activities were being tracked will now be informed. Giving users the option means that users can at least make a more informed decision as to whether or not being tracked is something they want, although we can’t imagine who might actually want that.

Companies like Facebook and Google have spoken up against these changes in the past, but it’s not hard to see why. Both companies offer “free” services to users, but sell personalized and targeted ads in exchange. Losing the ability to serve up targeted ads could mean that advertisers might be less willing to spend on ads if it means that they won’t be getting as much in return.

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