Add a Bidet Attachment to Your Toilet For Only $29 Or Upgrade to a Heated Bidet Seat With Extra Features for $194

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Total Vision Self-Cleaning Bidet Attachment | $29 | MorningSave

WOODBRIDGE BID01 Toilet Seat | $194 | Amazon

If you haven’t upgraded to a bidet, MorningSave has a great deal on an attachment that is easy to say yes to for your home!

This bidet attachment is only $29, a 71% discount. Of course, this design just uses fresh water from your existing setup, and does not require electricity. This model also has a self-cleaning mechanism on its nozzle so that it can be cleaned easily after each use. It’s super easy to install and can help you cut down significantly on toilet paper costs— what more could you want?

If you want to upgrade to something with heated water and other amenities, the next option would be to go for a full toilet seat replacement rather than just an add-on attachment bidet. This Woodbridge bidet seat is 15% off right now and offers filtered warm water, a heated seat, different spraying modes, a stainless steel nozzle, an LED night light— and it can even air dry. It’s down to only $194 currently. It’s a bigger investment than the attachment, for sure, but you get so many more features for that additional cost.

Both of these deal prices might not last long! Take advantage of them while you can and make the eco-friendly switch to bidets at a wallet-friendly price.

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